Sunday, 15 January 2012

Introduction Session

Thank you for the good response folks.
We have received
06 emails by testers confirming their interest
34 twitter followers
03 friends on Facebook
09 followers on Blogger
04 friends on Skype
More than the numbers, it is the interest the testing community has shown has impressed us.
Michael has blogged about it here, Lisa Crispin has expressed interest to mentor us and there have been many retweets about PLP.

We think we can get started  this weekend.

Date: 22nd Jan 2012
Time: 06:30:00 GMT

Here is the link to check the time in your city:


  • Understand the Pair Learn Present concept
  • Pick partners
  • Make a list of testing topics for presentations
  • Question and Answers

What should I do to join?
Add 'PairLearnPresent' as your Skype contact. Be online at 06:25:00 on 22nd Jan 2012.

The PLP Team